About Me

This is the space where most photographers tell you about their experience, education and sometimes, their awards. First, recognize that I have never been a professional photographer and did not study it in college. In fact, I have only in the past decade come to actually think of myself as a photographer. Yet I have always been drawn to this particular art form; it allows me to be creative in ways I never thought possible.             

In that sense, photography has become not just a hobby but a way to continue growing and learning. It motivates me to explore the intrinsic beauty of our world, wherever I find it. And, obviously, it means enough to me to create a website to share my images. However, I don’t plan to make it a business.  

Professional photography is a tough, tough business, whether one pursues weddings and portraits or, like me, the outdoors. I greatly admire the folks who have made a successful business out of their love of photography, and have no desire to compete with them.

That said, if you ever decide that you want one or more of my images as a print, I will (I promise) be thrilled. I’ll donate the image and only charge you what it costs to make and ship the print, framed or unframed. There is no greater honor for a photographer than to know that someone values his or her images enough to hang on their wall.

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