May 26, 2018

I thought I knew something about Italy. I had spent two weeks in Tuscany years ago and two weeks in Sicily more recently. Great food, wonderful people, interesting places and, of course, photogenic scenery. I convinced myself that I would see more of the same. Been there, done that. Would it surprise you to know that I could not have been more wrong?

Three weeks spent exploring Perugia, Puglia and the Amalfi Coast convinced me that I had underestimated the “wow factor” of this country of sixty million. How can you say anything but “Wow!” as you climb towards Civita di Bagnoregio, a hilltop city in Perugia only accessible by a footbridge?

Or see the cave homes of Matera, one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world?

Are there any other words besides “incredibly cute” to describe the houses called trulli, with their cone-shaped, stacked-stone roofs, centered around Aberobello and Cisternino in Puglia?

And the Amalfi Coast is, well, the Amalfi Coast - beautiful coastal towns such as Atrani clinging to hillsides covered with lemon trees.

After two months of travel in southern Europe, one can get a little jaded about seeing yet another ancient building or beautiful hilltop town. Yet the sights we saw in southern Italy were anything but common, and thrilling to discover. And did I mention the great food?

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